Site Regulations

Site Regulations

Please take time to read the site regulations below. If there is an update or changes, to this document, we will notify you via email or telephone.

WARNING THIS SITE HAS BURIED SERVICES! All ground penetration deeper that 300mm must be scanned and authorisation given before work can commence. Contact Site Office or Organisers Office for assistance.

-   Any banners or posters displayed outside an exhibitor stand without prior consent will be removed and destroyed. 

-   Strictly no trading or stand displays in the show aisles, unless approved by the Sales and Operations Team.


The use of Drones or similar devices, however operated, are not permitted within the confines of the Showground or car parks. 


Accepting Deliveries – The organiser or our contractors will not take responsibility for any type of delivery, and ‘signed for’ items will not be accepted under any circumstances. Furthermore, there are no storage facilities on site to hold deliveries. Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for the receipt of deliveries. 

Delivery Address - Bladon Gate, Blenheim Palace - Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 1PP

Pre-Show – Exhibitors must ensure that couriers and vans delivering stock to their stand are made aware of the stand number and the recipients trading name. A build-up pass will be issued to all delivery drivers at the exhibitor lanes. Please ensure there is someone on your stand to accept the package. Deliveries cannot be made on to the showground during show hours.

Deliveries during Show Days – A contact number must be given to the courier company so they can contact you to arrange collection off site – No Site Access to the showground after 7.30am during Show Days.

Site Speed Limit

The speed limit across site is 10mph (5mph on trackway); please ensure that you keep within this limit. Our security team will stop anyone driving fast, carelessly or under the influence of alcohol, and all incidents will be reported to the organiser. We may decide that the best option is to hold the vehicle keys until post show.

Anyone caught speeding will be asked to leave site immediately. Speeding is not tolerated on site.

No vehicle movement on site during trading hours.

Golf Buggies, Quad Bikes, and motorcycles 

Golf Buggies, Quad Bikes and Motorcycles, are strictly forbidden on site, unless they are an official Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials vehicle displaying an official number. 

Any golf buggy, quad bike or motorcycle found on site that is not an official organisers vehicle or attached to an exhibitor stand, will be asked to leave site – this includes any contractors found on site without an official vehicle sticker.

 Event Staff

Floor Managers, Event organisers, Security Staff, and stewards will be on site to assist exhibitors where possible, please co-operate with them. If you have any queries on site, please visit the Organisers Office, or call XXXXXXX


Under NO circumstances will children under the age of 16 years be allowed onto the show ground during build-up and breakdown. The show ground can be hazardous during these times and this ruling is in place to protect children’s safety. We regret no exceptions can be made to this ruling, as the area is considered on building site.


Please note we will have a hard copy of the show guide for 2024.

If you would like to discuss any advertising please email:

DEADLINE 12th August 2024


Warning to Exhibitors (AEO)

In recent years, third parties such as International Fairs directory, Expo Guides, Fair guide, Construct Data Verlag, and others have been targeting exhibitors at major exhibitions for paid entries into show guides. These companies are NOT in any way affiliated with BPIHT and are NOT working on our behalf.

These companies use a misleading form, often with the show logo which resembles an organiser’s free catalogue entry form. Exhibitors who sign and return the form for an entry in an online directory are contracted into a three-year, ‘non-retractable’ agreement. Non-payment is then followed by aggressive debt collecting by recovery agents, including threats of legal action. We strongly advise all exhibitors to be vigilant against organisations such as these. Please be aware and contact us if you require any clarification.

If you have been caught out, the current advice from the AEO (Association of Exhibition Organisers) is as follows.

  • IGNORE THEM COMPLETELY – do not communicate with them in any way, even if they threaten legal action. Writing letters simply confirms that you exist and are available at the address/email address/number they have for you and encouraging them to pursue payment. 
  • Report it to your local trading standards.
  • Keep a log of all correspondence and contact from them.


If you intend to have balloons/blimps above your stand, you must ensure that they are included in the risk assessment for your stand and the information is submitted as part of your health and safety process. The following regulations must also be adhered to. 

·       Permission to use advertising balloons must be obtained from the Organisers. 

·       The balloon must be positioned as centrally as possible within the confines of your allocated space, in order that any logos/designs displayed are not immediately overlooking any neighbouring stand. 


Exhibitors must not play music, use a PA system, or make any other noise at a volume level which will cause annoyance to adjoining exhibitors. This includes revving car engines on motor vehicle stands.

As per T&Cs in your contract any noise made by Exhibitors during or after show hours must be kept to an absolute minimum to avoid disturbance to other Exhibitors. Exhibitors found to be making excessive noise or disturbance on site after 23.00 will be required to leave site immediately. 

Waste and Rubbish

We ask Exhibitors to put any unwanted cardboard, flat packed, behind their stand. Our waste team will collect these at the end of each day. Un-flattened boxes will not be removed.

Rubbish bins are located around the site. Please ensure that refuse is taken to receptacles after 7.30pm. Please consider our refuse team and dispose of your rubbish promptly, it is easier to clear bins in daylight hours! It is important that wastewater is not disposed of directly onto the ground. There are wastewater disposal points at each toilet and shower block, and these will be emptied regularly.

Exhibitors are expected to maintain their stand space and surrounding areas in a clean, tidy, and hygienic condition. Waste material must not be stored at the rear of a stand. Please be aware of the fire risk when storing waste, keep dry waste away from sources of heat or ignition. Recycling bins are available across the show. 

Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their stands each evening by 8pm and leaving their waste stacked for collection immediately outside their stand in its own waste bags. Exhibitors providing catering on their stands must provide their own bins for waste food. Exhibitors must provide their own bin bags. 


BBQs are allowed on site in open space; however, they are NOT allowed in shedding structures. If the ground is very dry, we may prohibit the use of BBQ’s. Updates will be via email or text.

Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials 2024 - Site Safety Rules 

2024 Site Safety Rules

Everyone working at the show must be familiar with these rules before arriving on site, it is the responsibility of all personnel working on site to maintain a safe working environment. 


  • Everyone is required to work safely on site at all times. 
  • Anyone not following these rules will be asked to leave site.
  • Exhibitors and their contractors, regardless of the number of employees, MUST submit to the organiser, a written general, and separate fire-risk assessment. (Information and guidance on general and fire risk assessments can be found in the E-Zone)
  • Children under 16 are not allowed on site during Build-up and Breakdown.
  • All safety rules, instructions and warning notices that may be posted must be observed.  
  • You must undertake a Site Induction prior to the point of entry to site. 
  • Any accidents or near-misses must be reported to the Organisers Office or the Safety team as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that your work operations do not affect the safety of other exhibitors or site contractors
  • All generators must be provided by the official electrical contractor. No other generators are permitted. Any unauthorised generators will be confiscated.  
  • Be aware that the event site is a working construction area, and you should always remain vigilant to your surroundings. Be aware that work activities will be always taking place around you. 
  • Unloading and reloading of exhibits and equipment must be pre-planned/pre-booked. All mechanical lifting operations must comply with the statutory regulations.
  • Stands, exhibits, banners, flagpoles etc must be adequately stable, taking into consideration likely weather and ground conditions.
  • Exhibitor’s handling food must expect inspections by environmental health officers.
  • Do not do anything to pollute the land, or any action which may affect the wildlife which reside on the estate. Please report any fuel leakages or pollution to the Organisers Office.
  • Please note that drones are NOT permitted on site. Any persons found with them on site will have them confiscated and you may be asked to leave site. 
  • Do not bring any hazardous substances to the event site, this includes acetylene.