03 May 2024

Pro-Choice FWS Faecal Water Supplement




Introducing Aviform Pro-Choice FWS faecal water supplement for horses. A premium, tailor-made solution specifically designed to support horses struggling with faecal water issues or very loose droppings. Our advanced formula contains added Psyllium and Apple flavour, for added fibre and enhancing palatability.

Pro-Choice FWS has been formulated to address digestive issues that lead to excessive water in manure, by helping regulate the digestive system and promoting healthy bowel movements.

Pro-Choice FWS combines the soothing properties of psyllium with the natural enzymes present in our unique apple-flavoured formula. Not only does this combination help reduce faecal water, but it also promotes healthy gut flora. This reduces the likelihood of future digestive problems.

Incorporating Pro-Choice FWS into your horse’s routine can improve their overall digestive health, enhance nutrient absorption, and promote optimal bowel function. Crafted from high-quality, natural ingredients, Pro-Choice FWS meets the needs of horses with sensitive digestive systems. 

Key ingredients

Yeast products derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae (containing mannan-rich fraction)
Yeast products derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae (containing Postbiotics)
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (NCYC 1026 – Probiotic)
Bentonite Clay
Psyllium Husk
Apple Flavour 

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